Non-Settlement Income/Expenses


The Non-Settlement Income/Expenses Tab

For those of you that have used a check book, this tab may look very familiar. The non-settlement tab was made to allow users who do not need complex contract information to balance their information quickly and easily. Let us take a quick look at the non-settlement tab.

Adding information is straightforward. Click the Add Income/Expense button to add new line items, and add your information as needed. Be sure to enter the incomes and expenses in the proper fields. This will be very important when balancing your information. Your sums will be calculated in the subtotal line located at the bottom of the screen.




For those entering information into the settlement sheet as well, you should know that entering information to the non-settlement tab will carry over information to the settlement sheet. This will be displayed in the Non-Settlement Income/Expenses field located near the bottom of the settlement tab. This information can come in handy if you have entered merchandise or other information into the non-settlement tab, and this information needs to be carried over to the settlement sheet to calculate the end of the night artist balance.


The non-settlement sheet is a simple, versatile tab that can be used to different purposes. Using it apart from the rest of the accounting section, you can enter information as a balance sheet to determine quick financial information for a particular event.  You can enter your merchandise sales, or input your travel expenses, or use it for any of the many incomes or expenses that can crop up during a day on the road.


While some users may only be entering general information to the accounting section, others may be taking full advantage of the contract, settlement, and the non-settlement tabs. Using this tab will allow users to store additional expenses or income generated from different sources not listed in the settlement sheet. Be sure to make the most of the non-settlement tab and use this for your balance sheet needs.

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