Sharing and viewing routing info?


is there a way to enable routing view to the mobile users. my driver needs the routing screen but it seems a bit odd to have to pay another pro account just to give him the ability to look at the map for milage

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    Eventric Support

    Hi Rich,

    If you want your driver to have a map and directions to your next destination on his mobile device, he can go into his Master Tour mobile app, and select the venue or hotel that he'll be driving to.  In that section, there will be a button that says "Open Map."  Clicking on this button will open up Google Maps on his phone and allow him to create a route from his present location to the venue or hotel.

    Another option, if you're wanting routing for an entire tour at once, is to open your tour route in Google Maps.  If you go into your desktop app, under the Tour section, you'll see a tab that says "Routing."  This displays the routing for your entire tour, but is not available in the mobile app.  You can work around this by clicking the button in the top right corner that says "Open in Google Maps."  This will open Google Maps with routes to all the venues on your tour.  From there you can send the URL to your driver so he can have directions for the entire tour, although he'd have to be using Google Maps through a mobile web browser due to the way the Google Maps mobile apps are designed.

    Hope this answered your question!  If not, feel free to ask more questions.



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    Richard Herrera

    is this feature gone? I don't see a "open Map" button