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When i print tour book full page layout or any layout  for that mater i see a heading called BAND & CREW:  

and beside it it says  None. I have looked and i can not find any possible way to get the band and crew information 

in the report. what am i doing wrong? I have attached and example report of what i mean.



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    Eventric Support

    Glen, if you're still having problems, could you take a screenshot of the print layout page where you're seeing this problem?


    Charney, currently the Travel section only is capable of displaying two flight records at a time when printing, due to space constrictions.  However, you can always print a Travel Data report for one day or multiple days that will display all your flight records.  

    Also, you're currently unable to list the flights in a different way than you've described in your printouts; it has to do with the way info is stored and pulled from our database, and our developers are working on a feature update to display flights in a different way.  I've created a Feature Request ** here** where you can vote for this feature to be included in the next version of Master Tour.  This is how our developers prioritize the next features to code into our app.

    For now, if you want to display flight (or other travel information), you can always enter essential things like confirmation numbers into the "Detail" section of a travel record.  Anything entered into the Detail section will show on a Travel Data report (File>Print>Travel>Tour Report: Travel Data), and will show up in other reports in a limited amount (due to space constrictions on printouts).

    As for your last question about personnel list and calendars, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for.  If you could be a little more specific on what you're trying to do, I'd be glad to help, or you can check out our support articles on these subjects here:

    Great questions, feel free to ask if you have more of them!

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    Patrick Murray

    When will I be able to just print a pdf tourbook that doesn't require hours and hours of reformatting?

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    Randell Gillespie

    ^ THAT question.


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    Marc Anderson

    when i go to print off my tour book, my venue information is behind a big travel day logo... any ideas how to remove it?

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    Mark Tyson

    The billion dollar question...countless hours spent inputting data only to have to spend more trying to reformat HTML which is about as malleable as stone. Love this app but the tour book functionality (or lack thereof) does my head in.

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    Eventric Support

    Hey Mark,

    If you don't like any of our standard, HTML, or Word Doc Mail Merge templates, we do offer custom template coding starting at $150/template, and ranging up or down in price depending on complexity.

    Feel free to email us at if this interests you.


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    Scott Mullane

    Every time I goto print the tour book in PDF format it gos through the motions and then gets stuck or literally stops doing anything and says "splitting pages".
    Am I missing something?