How do I Delete an Organization, Artist, or Tour?


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How do I Delete an Organization, Artist, or Tour?

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    Eventric Support

    Tours have a checkbox that you can check to indicate if they are "Active."  If you de-select this checkbox then it will no longer appear on the shared users mobile feeds.  Though you will still see it in the Master Tour application, it will be invisible to your mobile users.

    If you wish to completely remove an Organization, it is possible but currently is a manual process. Before you do this, make sure you have synced so that all data in your local database is synced with the server.

    Go to the Organization Sharing tab and remove yourself as a user from the Organization.  (If you are not the admin of the organization then you will have to contact the Organization administrator to have yourself removed.) 

    Once you have been removed, however the Organization data will still appear in the application - though you will have no longer have syncing permission.  In order remove it permanently, you must archive and delete your DB file and re-launch Master Tour.  After you login, your data will re-sync from the server and you will no longer see any Organizations to which you are not assigned.


    Tours and artists can now be deleted from the Maintenance tab of the Artist and Tour section. Please look at this link for more information.

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    Patrick Hocken

    I want to delete my DB and completely start again from scratch. How do I do this?