How do I add multiple parties to one traveling event?


Hi there,

Is it possible to add multiple traveling parties to one traveling event? Say if both band and crew, or 3 individuals but not the full party, are all getting the same flight?



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    Eventric Support

    Hello Simon,

    If everyone is traveling together on the same flight, you can simply enter the parties separated with a comma like so "Band,Crew."  Though there is a drop-down for that field, you can overwrite it with whatever information you choose.

    If, however the crew and the band are flying on separate flights, we recommend a separate travel record for each flight.

    The decision to use one travel record or multiple travel records really depends on whether you need to provide different instructions and information to each party.  There is no one "right" way to do it, but it will show up differently on the mobile site and printed reports so you may want to play around with it and see what looks the best for you and your team.