Locate Latitude/Longitude for an Address


lat-lon.pngMaster Tour uses latitude/longitude coordinates to map venues, hotels and companies and calculate tour routes.  In most cases Master Tour will automatically locate the coordinates using the street address.  In cases where Master Tour is unable to locate the coordinates you may manually enter or override them.  Certain events (like festivals, for example) may not have a specific street address, however you may still provide coordinates so that they will show up on maps and tour routes.  If the Lat/Lon fields for any location are empty or the point on the map is incorrect, you can manually adjust the coordinates.

Please Be Aware: Master Tour attempts to re-locate and overwrite the coordinates any time a street address field is changed for that location.  To avoid losing a custom map point, coordinates should only be manually adjusted after you have entered the street address fields for the location.

There are various online services that can help you find the coordinates of a location.  The following are a few third-party services that we suggest:


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