Switching Tours/Switching Tour Managers


Occasionally (or frequently, depending on how your organization works), you'll have a manager leave your tour, or maybe you're a manager that has to leave a tour.  Regardless, you need to set up your new manager with all the information that your previous TM had entered into Master Tour.


Transferring Full Access

First off, your new tour manager will need to create a Master Tour account at https://my.eventric.com, if they don't have an account already.  Your current tour manager can also create an account for the new TM

Next, your current tour manager will need to add the new tour manager to any desired Organizations by clicking "Add New User" in either the My Users section of an Organization, or in the My Users section at my.eventric.com.  You'll need to make sure you give the new tour manager Admin permissions if you want them to be able to add new users in the future.

Now that the new tour manager has Admin permissions to all the desired Organizations, the new tour manager can go into the My Users section and remove the old tour manager's permissions from the desired Organizations.

The old tour manager can also remove the old Organization from his local database if he wants to tidy up his Master Tour application, by following these directions.  This will not delete the Organization's records from the Master Tour database servers, so the tour info will still be available to other users added to that Organization, but it will remove the records from the old tour manager's Master Tour desktop application.


Changing Payment Info

If the old TM was paying for other users' subscriptions, you'll need to disconnect those users so the new TM or a different payment account can pay for other users. You can do this by

- asking your old TM to go to My Users at my.eventric.com, click on each user's name with a credit card symbol next to it, and select "User pays for their own subscription" for each user in the Organization*


- having all the users you want to switch payment for go to My Profile at my.eventric.com and disconnect their account from the old TM*

Then, the new payment account will be able to click on users' names in the My Users section, and select "Bill this subscription to my account"

If your new payment account needs to add credit card info, or the old account needs to remove credit card info, they can do this in the My Profile section at my.eventric.com.



*If neither of these options work for you, or you're having troubles with switching tour managers, please contact Eventric Support using our online chat, support@eventric.com, or 773 862 4246 ext 25 for help.


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