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Adding Notes in Master Tour

Notes are a good way of remembering or displaying information to both you and your organization. There are several places in Master Tour that stores notes information, and these sections will carry information over to the Dailies. Let us look into adding and printing notes in Master Tour.


Three Places to Add, Three Places to Pull from


Whenever you print or export a report that features "Notes," Master Tour will gather the Notes from each of three sections and present them in one Notes field on your Dailies, Tour Books, etc. This can be extremely convenient when you are creating the reports, because you will not need to add redundant information in multiple sections.  General Day Notes will appear without a label, but Hotel Notes and Travel Notes will be labeled as such in your printouts and exports.

The first section is located in the Hotels tab in the itinerary section. Enter your Hotel Notes at the bottom of the tab in order to have them displayed on your reports. 

The Travel tab holds the second Notes section. Much like the Hotels section, you will need to access this section in the Itinerary and enter your Travel Notes at the bottom of the screen. 

Tasks & Notes holds the last area for Notes. You can enter the General Day Notes in the section located at the bottom left of the screen. 


Removing Notes from Reports


You may have entered notes in these sections, but you might not want them displayed for everyone to see in the Dailies.  To do this, select which report you want to print, then use the Notes box in the bottom right corner of the Print Preview window to edit the Notes you print.  You can also add Notes here, if you want.  Remember, your changes will not appear in the Print Preview window unless you click the "Refresh Preview with Changes" button in the bottom right of the Print Preview window.  For more information on printing reports, check out these other support articles.



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