Add, Edit, and Import Contacts



Adding Contacts in the Directory

Contacts can be added throughout Master Tour, but we will look at the directory method - click on the "Local Directory" section in the bottom right corner of the desktop app to open up your Local Directory. You will see different tabs on the right side dedicated to searching for people and places, and can click on each tab to search only for People, or only for Places.

Clicking on the "+ Add" tab will allow you to add a Contact, Hotel, Venue, or Company to your records. First, you'll want to search to see if that record is already in our stock record database - for Hotels and Venues, if a record is not in our stock database, Master Tour will start searching Google for your desired Hotel or Venue, and you can double click on the one you want to use to add its Name, Address, and Main Phone to your database.

Editing Contacts in Master Tour

After you have created your contact, what if their information has changed? Updating information can be vital to contacting someone. To update information, search for your contact's name in your Local Directory. After you have found the contact, select the contact and edit the fields.


Importing Your Contacts From Other Contact Programs

Master Tour allows you to import contacts in a vCard format, which most contact programs use as their format.

Importing from vCards

  1. Open your address book on your computer
  2. Export your vCards (this option can usually be found under the File menu)
  3. Open the Directory in Master Tour
  4. Click on the "+ Add" tab
  5. Drag the vCards to the directory section of Master Tour, and when you see a green + icon, drop the files to import your contacts
Have a look at this video for more info on how to import and export contacts:


As the video explained, you can create a .vcf file from your Address Book, then click and drag that .vcf file into your Directory to import one or many contacts.  However, you can also export contacts in the vCard (.vcf) format from other places, such as Google Contacts and Linkedin.  Here's how:

Google Contacts:

Sign into your Gmail account, then click the "Gmail" dropdown menu in the top left corner and select "Contacts."  This will display all your contacts that you have stored in your Google account.  To export these contacts in .vcf format, click the "More" dropdown (just above the contact list), and select "Export..."  This will prompt you to pick which contacts to export and which format to export in.  You'll want to choose the vCard option.  From there, you can just click and drag the new .vcf file into Master Tour's Directory to import your Google Contacts.

LinkedIn Contacts:

Sign into your LinkedIn account, then click on "Contacts" on the top navigation bar.  This will display all of your Connections on LinkedIn.  Click the "Export Connections" link in the bottom right corner of the page, then select vCard format and click "Export."  From there, you can just click and drag the new .vcf file into Master Tour's Directory to import your LinkedIn contacts.

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