Deleting Organizations, Artists, and Tours


Deleting Organizations, Artists, and Tours

We understand that sometimes users may create tours by mistake, have additional artists they no longer work with, or need to remove themselves from organizations. Master Tour allows you to delete your artists and tours, and you can have yourself removed from an organization.


To remove an Organization, Artist, or Tour, you need to open up the "Tour" accordion on the right side of your Master Tour desktop app (labeled in the format "Your Artist: Your Tour Leg" in the top right corner of the Master Tour desktop app).  From there, you can select the Organization, Artist or Tour that you wish to delete, then click on the "Maintenance" tab to bring up this screen:



In this instance, we've selected a Tour to delete, and all we have to do is click the "Permanently Delete This Tour" button.  Note that you also have the option to reassign a Tour to a different Artist, so if you accidentally create a tour with the wrong Artist, you don't have to reenter all your data by hand.

Clicking "Permanently Remove Yourself From This Organization" will remove you from the Organization - it will not remove any other Users added to that Organization. If you want to remove other Users from an Organization first, remove them in the My Users section.


NOTE: Take caution when deleting information from Master Tour. Deleting your information that was not intended to be deleted will cause data loss that may not be recovered. If you do not feel comfortable deleting the information, simply rename the artist or tour so that you and members of your organization do not inadvertently add information to these sections. If you accidentally do delete an Artist or Tour, you can recover them by following these instructions.

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