Key Concept: Organizations, Artists, and Tours


What Are Organizations, Artists, and Tours?

Organizations, Artists and Tours are basic subdivisions of your Master Tour database that you can use to keep various companies, artists, and tour legs separate in an orderly way.  Let's look at each in detail:



Sample Organization, Artist and Tour, as seen in the right navigation pane



"Organization" is the term used in Master Tour to describe a self-contained group of Artists that share Contact, Hotel and Venue data.  The terminology may be somewhat confusing because, depending on how you choose to use Master Tour, the Organization may be either the name of your production company or simply the name of the Artist.

When you enable other users to see your Master Tour information, you give them access at the Organization level.  This means that you need to decide whether to add multiple Artists to a single Organization, or to create each Artist within its own Organization. Generally Artists should only be added to the same Organization if they have the same crew and it is fine for everyone on that crew to see the all data for every Artist. If that is not the case, then it is recommended to create a new Organization for each Artist.  For more information on syncing, check out this article.



The Artist is the second level of the Master Tour data management. Artists can have many Tours, but an Artist can have only one Organization. Artists are who you are managing and are setting up the tour for. If your client is on a book tour, they are your artist. The same can be said about speakers; those who are touring for speaking engagements are considered to be artists. Master Tour can be used to manage more than people. Your organization can also use the artist section for months or even dates of an event (for different scenarios such as festivals) - different stages could be considered as different artists, depending on your need.



Tours can be considered as the "what" is being managed. Tours can have many dates, but they can only have one Artist it is associated with. A tour can contain many dates and venues, and this can be used to organize your day to day schedule. As mentioned earlier, while most people using Master Tour use it for touring, others have used Master Tour to manage festivals and other one-off events. Tours can be used for different stages, tents, or locations of an event.




Deleting Organizations, Artists and Tours:  Take Caution

Organizations, artists, and tours are the foundation for which your organization will be built on, so be careful if you decide to delete one of them. That said, if you do ever accidentally delete an Org/Artist/Tour, you can use our Tour Data Recovery tool to undelete this data. On an Org/Artist/Tour level, this tool is fairly unlikely to cause any data loss/recovery issues, but recovering tour dates and schedule items may result in purposely deleted data also returning, so we recommend this mainly as a tool for use in emergencies. If you do not feel comfortable deleting the information, simply rename the artist or tour so that you and members of your organization do not inadvertently add information to these sections.  For more info on deleting Organizations, Artists, and Tours, check out this article.


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