Working with Attachments


Attachments enable you and your team to organize and share files.

How It Works

Master Tour has three sections where you can add your attachments - the Tour section, on individual dates in the Itinerary section (Tasks & Notes tab), and the Accounting section. Adding your files as attachments in Master Tour will allow you to have your files with you wherever you can use the Master Tour desktop program, whether it be on your machine, a second computer, or another Professional subscriber's desktop app that syncs to your Organization.

Rest assured that your files are not available to everyone. Your files are accessible only by Professional users in your Organization by default. For additional security, the Accounting attachments can only be accessed by Professional users who have Accounting or Administrator access. Managers can still access the files from the Itinerary and Tour sections, but more sensitive data such as contracts and financial data are off limits to them (for more on access permissions, check out this article). Let's look at how to use the attachments section:

  • Adding a File - To attach a file, simply drag it from your Desktop onto the Attachments pane and the file will be uploaded. If you do not see the file immediately, press the refresh button at the bottom right corner of the attachments section.
  • Deleting a File - To delete a file, click the X button to the right of the name, then confirm the deletion by clicking Ok.
  • Refreshing the Attachments - When sharing files with your team in real time, it may be necessary to click the Refresh button in the bottom right corner to view newly added files. This will allow you to see the file in the attachments section.
  • Making a file Public - Checking the box in the Public column will allow you to share a download link with anyone. You can copy the download link to your clipboard by right-clicking or Ctrl-clicking the file name. Once you make a file public, anyone with the link can download the attachment - not just Master Tour users.
  • Downloading a File - Download any file by clicking on its file name or the cloud download icon.
  • Searching - To search for files within a particular Attachments pane, use the search field at the top of the pane. Checking "Search Tour-Wide Documents" will allow you to search for files from all Attachments sections in your Tour.
Currently, the Attachments section is not available on Master Tour mobile apps, but you can copy/paste Public Attachments links into the General Day Notes field if you want to share Attachments with your mobile users. Keep in mind that this is just a link to your Attachment on our servers, so a user would need to have a data or wifi connection to click on the link on mobile and view the attachment in their web browser.
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