Desktop Synchronization: Sharing Information with Tour Personnel



What is desktop synchronization?

One of the major strengths in Master Tour is its connectivity.  If you add users to your tour, they can immediately have great amounts of your tour information at their fingertips.  When you enter information on your Master Tour desktop app, this information does not automatically, instantly update the information in all of your personnel's Master Tour apps.  This is because your Master Tour desktop app is designed to work mostly offline, so you can use it in areas where there is spotty or no internet access.  So, in order to update your personnel's Master Tour information, you and they will need to "Sync" with the secure online Master Tour database.  This is done by clicking the "Sync" button (in the bottom right corner of all Master Tour apps) to upload your changes to the online Master Tour database, so that your personnel can sync with the online database to see your changes.   This also means that if other users are making changes to your tour information, you'll have to sync in order to see their changes. You can also enable a feature called "Auto Sync," which automatically syncs your desktop app with the online database every 15 minutes (found under Sync>Auto Sync in your desktop app).



Entering tour information can be a time-consuming process, especially for one person. Adding additional users to enter information can help ease the load on one person, thus saving time. Master Tour will allow you and other users the ability to enter information simultaneously. You can be in Chicago entering touring information while someone in your organization can be in London, adding and verifying changes you have made. This can be extremely important when trying to coordinate a worldwide tour. Just be sure that you and your organization have these three things:

  • Proper Subscription level and Permissions (Professional subscriptions and Manager or Admin permissions are needed to add/edit tour data - more on managing users here)
  • The Master Tour program installed
  • An internet connection to sync

Remember, information entered into Master Tour will sync at the ORGANIZATION level.  This means that if you manage more than one artist, and you don't want crews from each band to see each other's information, you'll need to set up separate Organizations for each band, then invite users to each organization to sync up with you.


Computers do eventually break down, often with dire consequences. This is a reality many of us have had to face. Using the desktop synchronization will allow you to save your information on our servers for you to access anywhere. Syncing as regularly as possible is highly recommended. Our servers store your information from the last time you synced, so if you keep up-to-date with your syncing, we'll have your most current information stored on our secure servers. This can be very important, with the threats of viruses and general wear and tear from life on the road.  If something does happen to your computer, we will be able to send you the most up-to-date information that we have, and this will allow you to continue working with little down time or data re-entry. Be sure to sync as often as possible (remember, you can use Auto Sync to have your Master Tour database sync automatically every 15 minutes).

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