Navigating The Master Tour Interface


The Master Tour User Interface

Master Tour Interface

Because Master Tour holds a potentially huge amount of tour data, it has been divided up into "modules" for each major department of a touring organization.  In the illustration above you can see the main components of the application are the "Navigator" and the "Content Area."

The Navigator is an "accordion" style control panel where you can switch between the main application modules, such as Itinerary, Guest List and Set List.  Depending on which module you've selected, the Navigator control panel allows you to select a specific tour, day or record to view.

The topmost module in the navigator is referred to as the "Tour Module" and appears in the format "Artist Name: Tour Name."  Even though this is referred to as the Tour Module, it gives you access not only to your different tours, but also your artist(s) and organization(s).  Selecting a Tour, Artist, or Organization in this module will present you with different data in the Content Area.

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