Setting Up Your First Tour


Now that you have Master Tour installed, you're ready to start using the application.  The first thing that you will likely want to do is set up a new Tour.

Before you get to the Tour itself, however, you'll need a place to put it.  In Master Tour, every Tour record belongs to an Artist and every Artist belongs to an Organization.  This structure allows you keep all of  your tour data organized.  You need to create an Organization and Artist first in order to have a place to put your Tour. 

We recommend that you create a Unique Organization for each of the touring groups you want to keep separate. Since users sync at the Organization levels, all users added to that Organization can see all Artists and active Tours within that Organization.

When you first open the app, you should see the Creation Wizard dialog.  This wizard is designed to guide you through the process of creating Organizations, Artists, Tours and Dates.

Walk-through Video of the Creation Wizard

We've prepared a brief video to walk you through the creation of your Organization, Artist and Tour.  Scroll down below the video for additional information.

The Creation Wizard

Creating Organizations, Artists, Tours and Dates is done using the Creation Wizard.  You can start the Wizard at any stage of the process.  For example, you can add a new Tour to an existing Artist, add new dates to an existing Tour, etc.  When you first launch the application, though, you will need to start at the beginning and create a new Organization.

To get back to the Creation Wizard at a later time, simply click one of the buttons in the navigation area of the Tour Module. (see picture)

Creating Your Organization

The first screen of the creation wizard will prompt you to create an Organization.  The Organization is the root node of all data in Master Tour.  All of your artists, tours, contacts, vendors, venues and other touring data will be associated with your organization.

Aside from being a way to group your Artists, the Organization is also the level at which you can sync and share information with other users.  If you will be syncing with other users, we recommend that you read the support documentation about sharing and how to best set up your Organization.

Step one of the creation wizard is the Organization.  You are presented with a field to enter your Organization name and a multiple-choice box to specify how you plan to share data.  You can go back and change all of these at any time so you don't need to worry about getting it perfect.


Creating Your Artist

Once your Organization has been created the next step is to create an Artist.  The Artist is the generally name of the touring group itself.

The artist is the second level of the Master Tour data structure and is where you will add your tours (in the next step).

As with the Organization, you can change the Artist name at any point so you don't need to worry about making a mistake.


Creating Your Tour

Now that you have an Organization and an Artist, you can at last create a new Tour.  The tour page has fields for both an Tour Name and a Leg Name.  On most printed reports and mobile feeds, the Leg Name is what will appear.  However data is sorted first by Tour Name, then by Leg Name so you can use this to control the sort order when you have multiple tours.


Adding Dates to Your Tour

Now that you have a Tour, you can start adding dates. There are a lot of little tricks to setting up Tour Dates quickly and efficiently, so check out the Adding/Deleting/Moving Tour Dates article for more information.


Also, after you've added some information, don't forget to sync! You can either do this by typing Cmd-S, clicking the sync button in the bottom of your Master Tour desktop application, or selecting Sync from the top menu bar. This will make sure your information gets uploaded to our secure servers for you and the rest of your tour crew to see!

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