Using Print Templates from Old Versions of Master Tour


Over the years, our print templates have changed, and we've removed some of our older templates from new installations of Master Tour. If you wish to use older RTF or other style templates, here's how to download and use them:

First, go to your top menu bar, under Advanced, and click Download Archived Print Reports


Then, you'll see a popup with instructions on how to install the new templates. Click "Show" to view your templates download.


Simply unzip the template file (double click on Mac, right click then "Unzip" on PC)


Then move all of the folders inside the RTF Templates folder to your "templates" folder, under \Users\*your username*\MTD Data\templates on Mac, or under C:\Users\*your username*\MTD Data\templates on PC


Then quit and reopen Master Tour. Once you've restarted Master Tour, you'll see the new templates in the Print menu, with all the other reports.


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