Printing in Other Formats (DOC, RTF, PDF)


Although Master Tour offers many different options to print directly from the application, sometimes you might want to edit your printouts more extensively.  In that case, you'll want to print in one of these formats:


Microsoft Word DOC  

(File>Print>Dailies>[DOC] Mail Merge Day Sheet 1-8,   File>Print>Tour>[DOC] Mail Merge Tour Book)


Master Tour enables you to export your Day Sheets and Tour Books to Microsoft Word so that you can edit the text and layout before you print.  We use the MS Word "Mail Merge" functionality to merge your tour data into a book form, so it's similar to the process for creating form letter or mailing labels.  The video below will walk you through the process of creating a tour book in MS Word Format:


Rich Text Format (RTF)

(File>Print>Dailies>[RTF] Day Sheet,   File>Print>Set List>[RTF] Set List,  etc.)


For many reports, you have the option of printing in RTF.  This gives you more options for items to include and exclude from your final printout, as well as the ability to edit text and layouts within a word processor.  TIP: Be sure to use MS Word when editing the RTF file(s). While it is possible to open these files in other editors, Word will display the information with the format set by the development team.

NOTE: RTF templates no longer come packaged with the default Master Tour installation. To install them on your computer, please see the instructions in this article.


Portable Document Format (PDF)

(File>Print>Accounting>[PDF] Acct Reconciliation,   File>Print>Tour>[PDF] Various Tour Books)


Master Tour allows you to export and print in PDF form, with a great level of customizability.  The process for exporting and printing PDFs is somewhat different from other printing types, so here's a video explaining exactly how to do it:

 As the video shows, you have several different options to include in your Tour Book, so let's look briefly at each option available to you:

  • Cover - The cover page can be modified to your needs, but this will need to be done from a PDF editor. There are three fields available for the artist name, tour name, and tour leg name.
  • Itin pages - These are your day sheets for the tourbook. Information displayed includes travel, hotel, schedule, venue, and promoter information.
  • Tourdates - Your tour dates will be listed with the event name. Without an event associated to the day, the day will appear blank.
  • Personnel - Personnel information is being pulled from the tour overview tab.
  • Offices - This page is dedicated to manual entry of office information. There are multiple editable fields for this purpose.
  • Phones - Enter your general need to know phone numbers into this section. We have entered dummy data into this page, so please edit this information prior to printing.
  • Freeform - The blank pages do not have editable fields. This is more for jotting notes into these pages versus printing pre-filled information.
  • U.S. Map - A map of the United States of America with a list of time zones can be useful when traveling stateside.
  • Euro Map - For those tours in Europe, this map can be helpful when considering travel or free time.

One more thing to remember when printing a PDF Tour Book:  although you do have the ability to edit schedule items for each individual day, once you have selected the schedule items to show for a particular day, you cannot go back to a previous day unless you start your PDF export process from the beginning.  Keep this in mind when preparing your Tour Book. 


Printing an Acct Reconciliation PDF follows the same basic process as printing a Tour Book PDF, except the only option you have to include in the PDF is "ACCOUNTING."

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