Printing Basics (READ FIRST)


Master Tour allows for several different types of printing and exporting, with varying levels of customizability.  Most types of printing will pull up a print preview window, which looks like this:



The toolbar has buttons that allow you to zoom the preview and send your report to the printer.  There are a couple of basic sections you should know on the toolbar:

  • View controls - these buttons allow you to zoom and adjust the display of the report on the screen
  • Page Margin - this is a slider control that allows you to change the margin.  The default setting of 50 is usually fine, however in order to maximize space some of the reports push the printing margin past the safety area of some printers.  You can use this slider to adjust the margin if necessary

Page Navigator

The page navigator displays each page of the report as it will be printed.  Simply click on the page that you wish to view - easy!

Report Preview Panel

This panel displays an instant preview of the report as it will look when printed.  When making changes to the preview, please be sure to use the "Refresh Preview with Changes" button to save and view the changes.

Report Control Panel

This panel has various settings that will change the layout and data that appears on the report.  Depending on the type of report you are generating, you will see different options.  For example, a Day Sheet will have options to show/hide schedule items.  A Guest List, on the other hand, will show you a drop-down to select which Event's Guest List you wish to print.  Any item you check or select in the Report Control Panel will be displayed in the Report Preview Panel (just remember to Refresh Preview with Changes!), while any item you leave unchecked or unselected will not be displayed or printed.


Now that we have a working knowledge of the print preview window, let's talk about some specific types of printouts:



Dailies/Day Sheets (File>Print>Dailies)


Master Tour provides several different layouts for your Day Sheets, entitled Day Sheets 1-8 in the print menu.  When you select one of these Day Sheets to print, you'll be presented with a print preview window where you can select individual schedule items, events, hotels, and more to view.  You can also adjust font sizes to make your Day Sheet easier to read.

On several of the Day Sheet layouts, there is a field for notes. This information will be pulled from the Hotel, Travel, and the Tasks and Notes tabs in the Itinerary section. You have the option of keeping this information on your Day Sheet, or you can choose to remove this information and enter other notes in the print preview window.  

You can also print export Dailies in mail merge MS Word DOC format and RTF format, which are even more customizable.  For more information on printing Dailies in these other formats, check out this article.


Tour Books, Tour Calendars, and Phone Sheets (File>Print>Tour)  


All of these print types use the same print preview window mentioned above.  When you select one of these items to print, you have various drop-downs and other fields you can use to customize your printout.  One thing to be especially careful about with printing Tour Books and Tour Calendars is the date range.  Be sure you have the desired date range selected in the print preview window.  

Something else to remember is that when printing a single date from a Tour Book, you can use the Report Control Panel to select individual schedule items to have on your printout.  On the other hand, when printing an entire Tour Book, you can only filter out specific schedule types, such as Day, Publicity, Travel, and Event schedule items.

You can also print export Tour Books in PDF format, mail merge MS Word DOC format and RTF format, which are even more customizable.  For more information on printing Tour Books in these other formats, check out this article.


Another great option for printing stylish and professional Tour Books is to use Access Pass & Design for your printing needs.  Most of the PDF format Tour Books use Access Pass & Design templates, which you can customize and send to Access Pass & Design to print, but are proprietary templates that you cannot print on your own.  Contact Access Pass and Design for more information on printing Tour Books and other touring essentials.

Guest Lists (File>Print>Guest List)


Guest Lists have the ability to be printed in a couple of different formats, which can display New, Pending, Approved, and/or Declined guest passes.  Since you can have more than one event per day, make sure you have the desired event selected in the Report Control Panel.  Guest Lists can also be printed in an Avery 5160 label format, so you can easily print the info for each guest on a label for VIP packages, mailing labels, and other uses.

Accounting (File>Print>Accounting)

Most of the Accounting printouts involve the same print preview as most other printouts, but printing a PDF of the day's Account Reconciliation is a little different.  For more info on saving and printing an Account Reconciliation PDF, read this article.

The remaining types of printing are relatively straightforward, with various customizable options that can be accessed through each's print preview window.

Set List (File>Print>Set List)

Signs (File>Print>Signs)

Travel (File>Print>Travel)

If you want to know more about where a printout gets its information (schedule, phone numbers, notes, etc.), you should check out this article on how your tour data displays to printed reports.

Keep in mind, you can export many of these reports in Excel-friendly formats (tab delimited, comma separated value, XLS).  For more information on exporting, read this article.

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