Creating set lists


Creating, saving, and reusing a set list


Set lists are essential for any show, and creating and saving a set list in Master Tour is straightforward. You can create a new setlist, reuse set lists from previous dates, or rewrite a set list from scratch.There are two main sections in the set list section - the Song Pool and the Set List. We will be referring to these sections, so please look at the screen shot for reference. 

Adding songs to a set list

In order to create a set list, you will need an event for the date. Once you have your event, go ahead and add songs to the song pool by clicking the Add Song button in the Song Pool section. Add as many songs as you would like, but just be sure to pay attention to the Print Title. We have fields for both Song Title and Print Title because often, the printed song name is different than the song title itself, whether it is due to space limitations or a nickname the song is given. Note:  you must enter a Print Title for a song for it to appear on your set list printouts.  You can get as in-depth or as simple as you want with your song information, with options to include Tech Notes, Attachments, and other various details.  Songs added your Song Pool will be available for all of your Artist's tours, so you can quickly and easily create set lists for each tour date that specific Artist has.

Building a new set list

Once you have added songs to the song pool, it is now time to create the set list.  Simply click on the "Add" button to the left of a song name to add the song to the set list.  After you have added songs to the set list, you can reorder the songs by dragging and dropping them in the correct order. Once you have created your set list and it is in the order you would like it to be, you then have the option to save your set list for future use. You can save the set list to a name of your choosing, or you can allow the system to name the set list according to the tour date.  Saving the set list with a name of your choosing is highly recommended; if you had a great set the night before, it is much easier to find a set list based on a name or location than to try to find it in the midst of a set of dates.  After you've saved a set list, all you have to do on future dates is click the "Load Set" button and select your desired set.  

If you have created a set list that you would no longer like to use, click the Load Set button and choose the set list to delete. Once it has been located, click the Delete Selected Set button.

While working on a set list, you may have realized that you would like to work with a clean set list. Press the Clear Set button, and this will clear out the entire set list.

Once your set list has been created, you can now print your set list (File>Print>Set List).

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