Adding pass types and guests to a guest list


Adding pass types and guests to a guest list

Your organization has a limited number of guest passes to give to friends and family. The guest list will allow you to keep track of who will be attending shows on different dates, what kind of passes they have, and even billing information.

Adding different pass typesguest_list_passes.png

Adding different pass types allows you to keep track of specific pass types such as VIP passes and meet and greet. Be sure to keep track of how many passes remain by checking the guest list from time to time.

Start by going to your Artist Overview adding a new pass type (Add Pass Type button in the bottom left corner), then choose an abbreviation. The reason we use abbreviations is so that you will be able to add multiple pass types in the guest list. In order to keep the pass type definitions in order, be sure to select the corresponding meaning for the abbreviation. You can also add your own abbreviation and meanings by clicking on the drop down and editing the fields.


Adding guests to a date


Guest lists can only be added to dates with events, so keep this in mind when creating a guest list. To begin, head over to the guest list section on the right. Once there, click on the Add Guest button located at the bottom left corner. You have two options to add your guests:

  • The first option is to click on each field and add information accordingly.
  • The second option is to click the ... button located next to the new guest. This second option will allow you to add detailed information about the guest (credit card, billing details, and other details).

Once you have added all your information, you can print out your guest list.

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