Import Tour Dates from Bandsintown


Does your organization use Bandsintown to let fans know about upcoming dates?  If so, then you'll be happy to know that Master Tour can import your tour dates directly from the Bandsintown API.  This can save you from re-typing everything twice when setting up your tour itinerary.

Import Your Tour Dates:

To get started, make sure you have a Bandsintown profile created that has upcoming tour dates.  From the "File" menu in Master Tour select "Import -> Import Tour Dates From Bandsintown"  Enter your artist name and click continue.  You should see a list of tour dates.  You can specify which dates to import by checking or unchecking the checkbox next to each date.  Once you are happy with your selection, click the "Import Your Itinerary" button and your dates will be imported into Master Tour.




Icons and Checkboxes for Tour Date Results

On the confirmation page for tour dates you may notice that some dates have a different icon than others and that some are checked by default.  These icons indicate whether the Bandsintown data matched with data that already exists in Master Tour.  The different icons are:

  • Green Checkbox Icon: Indicates that this date can be imported with no conflicts and that a matching stock venue data was found.  This means that this date will be imported with all of the address and facility information from Master Tour's stock data.
  • Blue Info Icon: Indicates that this date can be imported with no conflicts, however no matching stock venue data was found  This means that the venue will be imported with only the information available from Bandsintown (which is usually the venue name, city and region).  You will likely want to review this record and fill in the missing details.
  • Orange Warning Icon: Indicates that you already have entered venue information for that date.  If you chose to import this record, then your existing venue data for that date will be overwritten.  This record will be unchecked by default to prevent accidentally overwriting your data, however you can check to box to import it anyway.

If Master Tour Can't Locate Your Tour by Artist Name:

If Master Tour can't locate your Bandsintown profile using your artist name, you can get more specific by using your Facebook ID.  In order to look up your Facebook ID, navigate to your artist's Facebook page and you will see your ID in the URL bar of your browser:


Once you've entered your artist's name or Facebook ID into the import dialog, it will pull up a list of all your upcoming tour dates.  If you have a vanity URL (like, you can look up your Facebook ID by adding "graph." to the beginning of your Facebook URL (like, which will output some code.  Your Facebook ID will be listed just above your Page's Name and Link.

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