Using TripIt with Master Tour


TripIt is a service that allows you to manage travel and hotel reservations by simply forwarding your confirmation email messages to them.  Master Tour can then import reservations from your TripIt account into your tour.  If you already have a TripIt account, you need only grant access to Master Tour.  Otherwise you'll need to sign up for a free TripIt account first and then grant access to Master Tour.

Once you have a hotel and travel reservations entered in TripIt, you can import these into Master Tour using the desktop app.




In Master Tour, simply select the tour you wish to add your hotel and travel reservations to, then click File>Import>Import Itinerary from TripIt.




This will bring up a window asking you to authorize your TripIt account.  




Clicking the "Authorize TripIt Access" button will connect you to a TripIt authorization page, where you will need to log into TripIt if you're not logged in already.



 Once you've entered your email address and password for TripIt, go back to the Master Tour desktop application, and click the button saying you've authorized TripIt importing.




This will search TripIt for your trips, and show them in a preview window.

If at this point you get a message saying "There was a problem communicating with TripIt. Please try again later.", and you are never able to get to the following screen, this may be because you're on an outdated OS that isn't conforming to TripIt's security protocols. Double check that your Mac OS or Windows OS is fully up to date on security updates, and that you're on an OS version that is still receiving security updates. As of February 2018, any Mac OS that is version 10.10 or below will not work since they have not received the proper Security Updates.




Simply select the travel items you wish to import, and click the Import Itinerary button.  This will import your TripIt travel items into Master Tour.




And that's it!



If you have upcoming flights or hotels in TripIt, but aren't seeing any in the TripIt Import in Master Tour, you're likely missing some info on that is breaking the import into Master Tour. Sometimes TripIt doesn't parse everything exactly correctly from your confirmation emails into TripIt, so you'll want to check the following on

1. All of your upcoming flights have both departure and arrival places entered

2. All of your upcoming flights have both departure and arrival dates and times entered

3. All of your upcoming hotels have locations entered

4. All of your upcoming hotels have start/end dates entered

5. That you don't have any "Unfiled Items" that have any of the above issues

If you're still having troubles after ensuring that all of your start/end dates, times and places are entered into, and you've used our TripIt Import in the past, it's possible you used a different TripIt account to import into Master Tour. If this is the case, you'll need to sync Master Tour, quit Master Tour, then reset your database in order to link up with a different TripIt account.

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