Auto-Calculating Ground Travel Time and Distance


Master Tour has a handy little feature that allows you to automatically calculate the time and distance between two venues without having to manually look it up yourself. Here's how you use it:

First, you'll need two consecutive tour dates with venue addresses entered in the Event section of the Itinerary. Currently, this feature will only calculate distances between two consecutive venue addresses, and won't work if you have a day between venues or if you're trying to calculate from a venue to a hotel. Then, you'll need to create a Travel item in the Itinerary section of one of the two days, and input whatever time you're wanting to depart:


Then, click the little road icon next to the Distance field.  This will bring up a window asking which route you want:


Just double click on whichever route you want to use to populate your time and distance fields in the Travel section of your Itinerary:


Now your time and distance values have been inputted into Master Tour! Note that this only fills in time and distance, so you'll need to enter your own places of Origin and Destination with Time Zones if you want that info to show up in your itineraries:


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