Using Master Tour to Plan Ground Travel Routes


To make entering ground travel information even easier, we've incorporated a couple of ways for you to easily create tour routes through Master Tour and Google Maps.  Our software can create tour routes for you from venue to venue throughout your entire tour, or just calculate distance and time between venues.

Routing for an Entire Tour

Things you'll need:

  • At least two tour dates where you've entered venue information in the Event tab, including addresses
  • An internet connection

Note:  Master Tour automatic ground travel routing only uses addresses from venues, not hotel addresses or other addresses.

With at least two valid addresses entered in the Venue section of the Event tab for each of your venues, you'll now be able to see routing between the venues in the Routing tab of your Tour Overview (you can get to the Tour Overview by selecting Navigate>Tour Overview in the top menu bar or by typing Cmd-L):

Once you have your tour dates entered, you can quickly and easily create a tour route for your entire tour through Google Maps, complete with step-by-step directions.  To do this, just click on the "Open in Google Maps" button in the top right corner of your Routing section in Master Tour, and a Google Map will launch in your web browser, complete with step-by-step driving directions: 

Note:  You are only able to create a tour route for 25 dates at a time due to a restriction on Google Maps' part; if you wish to create a route for any tour dates after your 25th tour date, you can do one of the following:

  • wait until a few of your tour dates are past, then check the "only include future tour dates" checkbox in the Routing tab, and click "Open in Google Maps" again.
  • go to the Dates tab of your Tour view, check the boxes for your first 24 dates, and use the box in the upper right corner to create a new tour leg with those 24 dates.  Then you can create a new tour route from your 25th date through your 50th tour date, and so on and so forth.  When you're done routing your tour, simply go to the tour leg you had temporarily moved your dates to, and move them back to the original tour.


1. If you're having trouble getting a date to show up properly, double check your Venue's address in the Event tab:

2. If your Venue address looks correct already, click into the Address field, type a period at the end of your address, click out of the field, then go back and delete the period. This registers in Master Tour as an address change, and will cause Master Tour to look up your Venue's address in Google Maps again.

3. If your address is still not showing up properly, open up and make sure that your address is being plotted correctly in Google Maps.

4. If you're having trouble getting an address to show up in the proper place for your venue in Google Maps (for instance, a festival grounds is being pinned in one part of the grounds, but the bus entrance is on the other side of the grounds), you can right-click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) the proper location on Google Maps, then select "What's Here?" to find the Lat/Long coordinates for your Venue.

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