Tour Managers: How to Share Calendar Info with Others


First, on your Master Tour desktop app in your Tour Overview (under Navigate>Tour Overview in your top menu bar), click on the "Calendar Sharing" button

This will take you to our calendar configuration webpage.  Click the link that says "I'm the tour manager and I want to enable itinerary sharing."  This will generate a link that you can share with all of your tour personnel, so that they also can use your Master Tour Itinerary information in whichever calendar software they use.  You can also choose the iCal or Google Calendar options to generate links for your own personal use.  For more information on how to configure calendar software to work with Master Tour, check out these articles:

Configuring Google Calendar to Work with Master Tour

Configuring iCal or Windows Calendar to Work with Master Tour

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    Gary Brunclik

    What if you want to turn off calendar sharing after you have activated it?

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    Eventric Support

    Hey Gary,

    You can uncheck the "Tour is Active" checkbox in the Tour Overview for that Tour. This will hide the Tour from mobile/web/calendar, but allow it to still be accessible through the desktop application.


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    Neil Morris

    It’s showing up on my Mac calendar fine but is there a way that it can show up as it is on the schedule rather than having the venue name first. That way it can be read in one line rather than having to click on it to see detail? Thanks in advance.