Configuring Mac Calendar and Windows Live Calendar to Work with Master Tour


If you've been sent a link by your Tour Manager so you can configure your Calendar software:

 Click on the link you've been sent.  This will take you to our calendar configuration webpage.  Warning:  you must have at least a free "Mobile" account with Master Tour in order to configure your calendar software.  Simply click on the link that says "I want to subscribe to my tour itinerary on Apple or Windows Calendar."  This will generate two links for you, one for having one event per day with all your Master Tour information, and the other link is to have each Master Tour schedule item show up as a separate Mac Calendar schedule item.  Copy one of these calendar links, then go to Mac Calendar.




Click Calendar>New Calendar Subscription, then paste your calendar link into the resulting dialog box.  This will prompt you to enter your Master Tour username and password.  Once you've entered your username and password, you can configure how you want to subscribe to your Master Tour calendar:


If you want your calendar in Mac Calendar to automatically refresh to reflect the changes you make in Master Tour, make sure to set it to "Auto Refresh" frequently.  You can adjust these settings in the settings box shown above while adding a new subscription, or change them after adding a subscription by selecting the desired calendar in Mac Calendar, then clicking Edit>Get Info.

In order to add the calendar to all your Apple devices, make sure to select iCloud as the Location of the calendar subscription. If you just want the calendar subscription to be on your computer and nowhere else, select On My Mac instead.


As for Windows Live Calendar, the process is almost exactly the same.  You have to select "Subscribe" in Windows Live Calendar, then paste in your calendar subscription link to create a new calendar.


If you're a Tour Manager and want to share your Master Tour Itinerary info to others' Calendars, check out this link.





If you start getting popups all the time in Mac Calendar saying that your username or password for a tour are incorrect, this is probably a keychain issue on your Mac. Usually this happens because you've changed your password, but your Mac still has your old password in your keychain, so it gets rejected whenever Mac Calendar automatically uses your username and password to get new calendar info.

You can clear out those old passwords and start fresh by 

1. quitting Mac Calendar
2. opening Keychain Access (just search for "keychain access" in the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your Mac if you don't know where to find it)
3. selecting Passwords in the Category section on the left hand side (see screenshot below)

keychain access screenshot

4. searching for
5. deleting all entries for

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