Configuring Google Calendar to Work with Master Tour


If you've been sent a link by your Tour Manager so you can configure your Calendar software:

Click on the link you've been sent.  This will take you to our calendar configuration webpage.  Warning: you must have at least a free "Mobile" account with Master Tour before you can configure your Calendar.  Simply click on the link that says "I want to subscribe to my tour itinerary on Gmail."  You will then have to enter your Master Tour username and password in order to generate a link.  You have two options for which calendar configuration you want, one for having one event per day with all your Master Tour information, and the other link is to have each Master Tour schedule item show up as a separate Google Calendar schedule item.  Once you've entered this information and clicked "Build Gmail Subscription URL," you'll be presented with a link.  Copy this Google Calendar link.


Then, open up your Google Calendar. Click on the + button next to "Add a Friend's Calendar," then click "From URL."




Then, paste in the Google Calendar link, then click "Add Calendar." Congratulations, your Google Calendar is now synchronized with your Master Tour database.  Keep in mind, after you sync your changes in Master Tour, it may take a few hours for your Google Calendar to reflect these changes due to the way Google pulls information from calendar feeds.  Your Master Tour mobile apps and web portal should reflect any changes you've synced within 16 minutes, though.


So you've set up Master Tour to sync with your Google Calendar.  But it's not showing up on your iPhone's calendar, even though you've set up your iPhone's calendar to show all your Google Calendars?  Make sure that you have your Google Calendar iPhone sync settings properly set to show all your desired calendars.  Then go into your iPhone's calendar, click the "Calendars" button in the top left corner, then click the Refresh arrow in the bottom left corner of your Calendars screen.  Your Master Tour calendar (and any other Google Calendars you have selected in your sync settings) should then appear in your iPhone's calendar app.



If you're a Tour Manager and want to share your Master Tour Itinerary info to your or others' Calendars, check out this link.

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