Creating Schedule Items Past Midnight: The +1 Checkbox


Master Tour displays your schedule information on a day to day basis. Travel and schedule items do not carry over to the next date, even when the time passes midnight. What if you would like to create a schedule item that occurs after midnight? This is what the +1 check box is for.

To create schedule items that occur past midnight, simply enter the time (i.e. 1:00 AM) and then check the box next to the date that says ”+1”. This tells the system that the activity occurs the following calendar day (ie late night) but that it is still part of today's schedule. Often times items on your schedule will run past midnight, but you would like them to be associated with the current day. For example, a bus call is at 1:00 AM. Technically 1:00 AM is the following day but you would probably want to see that printed on the schedule for current day, so you would enter the time as 1:00 AM and check the +1 box.


For a schedule item that starts before midnight then continues after midnight, you'd only check the +1 checkbox for the End Time, like so:


Please remember that your schedule items that occur past midnight from one night do not carry over to the next date. It is recommended that if you have travel plans after midnight that occur past midnight well into the next morning, split this information so that information up to a certain hour (say, 3:00am) will display on the day the travel starts, while the rest of the travel information (4:00am onward) will display on the next date.

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