Publicity Schedules


Your Publicity and Master Tour

Touring is a very important part of your client's careers, but publicity can help spread the word and increase sales. The right publicity can help sell out venues, sell merchandise, and increase the interest of your clients to the public. We know that this is a very important part of your organization, which is why we have created a way for you to enter your publicity information.

Where to Add Publicity Information

Master Tour will allow you and members of your organization to enter publicity items to your schedule.  When entering your information, be sure to add a Publicity Type. Enter the rest of your information as you would any schedule item. Also, remember that because you are choosing a Publicity item, you will be able to filter your information on certain reports to show only publicity items. This can be sent to PR representatives so they see only information relevant to their positions.  For more info on how to use printing controls, go here.


Publicity Types PublicityTypes.png

There are five different types of publicity items to choose from:

  • Publicity - General
  • Phone Interview
  • Live Broadcast
  • Meet & Greet
  • Appearance

When you select a particular publicity type, different fields will appear that correspond to each calendar type. The more specific you are with your publicity types, the easier it will be for your organization and those working with you to know what to expect from your publicity schedule, so be sure to choose the proper types before proceeding.


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