Creating a Room List


The Room List

Whenever you add a Hotel Reservation to a Tour Date, you can also fill out a Room List for that Hotel Reservation.

Adding Names to a Room List

To start filling out a Room List, go to the Room List tab of your Hotel Reservation and click Add Person. If you're adding people to your room list who you have previously added as Contacts (usually in the Tour Crew section of your Tour Overview), you can search for their name and add them quickly. Otherwise, you can click Create New Record, and add a new blank line to the Room List.

Copy My Crew into Rooming List

To save time, you can enter all of your tour personnel as Contacts in the Tour Crew section of the Tour Overview (under Navigate>Tour Overview in the top menu bar), then you can import that crew list into the Room List by clicking the Copy My Crew into Rooming List button. You can do this for each Hotel Reservation of your Tour, saving you lots of data entry.

Sharing Your Hotel Room Lists

Once you have your room list set up, you can click the Copy Room List Information button, and this will copy your room list information to the clipboard. This will allow you to paste a plain text Room List into emails, Word docs, or any other text editor.


If you're looking for info on how to copy Room Lists from one day to another, click here.

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  • Avatar
    Paul Filinson

    It would be great if the rooming list would follow the dates or if you could copy > paste the list from day to day. 

    Ex: I create a rooming list at 1 hotel from 1/1/11 to 1/3/11 the rooming list would auto fill for all of the nights at the same hotel. 

  • Avatar
    Mark Miller

    How do you just simply PRINT the room list out in paper form??????????????


  • Avatar
    Israel Whittemore

    What about an option to include Room numbers in the Hotel section of the Day Sheets?

  • Avatar
    David Lawrence

    Why are you given the option to copy room list information, what does it do ? you can't copy & paste to the next hotel

  • Avatar
    Chris Rowley

    What about when you have 2 people sharing a room ?

  • Avatar
    Richard Battaglia

    I can't believe no one else hasn't complained about this... but why do you have to add rooming list names on every day there is a hotel???

    There should be a way to enter the same list into every hotel day instead of having to enter each name individualy each time you enter a new Hotel.

  • Avatar
    Tom Evans

    Need to be able to duplicate a rooming list. I don't have time to enter it person by person for an entire tour!

  • Avatar
    Robyn Jelleff

    I need to be able to duplicate room lists for multiple night stays and between different hotels: ie. not start again every day. Also need to be able to indicate when people are sharing rooms or apartments

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hi everyone,

    Richard has started a feature request for duplicating room lists ** here**.  We use this feature request board to prioritize what our developers work on next.  Use the vote button (the thumbs up button) on the specific feature request to bump it up on our priority list.

    As for copying hotel room information, this can be pasted into emails, Word docs, etc.  Some managers will paste into a Word doc and print the room list from there.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!