Adding Hotel Reservations


Hotel Reservations

Hotel information is important to any organization. Whether you are working with a large tour requiring multiple hotels or a smaller band staying at one, knowing where each member of your team is will help you stay on top of your tour. Using Master Tour will allow you to keep track of all this information as well as provide you with specific information on each hotel.


Adding a Hotelhotels.png

The Hotels tab can be found in the Itinerary section of Master Tour. Adding a hotel reservation is simply a matter of clicking the Add Hotel Reservation button in the bottom left corner of your screen, then finding your hotel(s) in our database. While our database is extensive, we may or may not have information on the locations you are looking for.  If we do not have a record already created for your hotel, you can create a new hotel by clicking the Create New Record button.  Once you have entered the hotel information, this information will be saved for your own personal use again whenever you need it.

TIP: Remember to enter a party in the party drop down if you have more than one type of reservation. The Party drop down is in the top right corner of your hotel reservation window, just below the red X and blue wrench icons.  This way, if you have people staying at different hotels, or in different types of rooms in the same hotel, you can easily keep track of accommodations for everyone.

Current reports store up to two hotels. Please make note of this when creating your tours.  If you do need additional hotel information, please let us know.

If you have multiple hotels, you can reorder them in your Hotels tab by simply dragging and dropping a hotel reservation to the desired spot.  If you ever need to delete a hotel reservation, simply click on the red X at the top right corner of your hotel record, and click the "Confirm Delete?" button that appears.


Adding Hotel Facilities Information

Many people are often curious about what kind of amenities are available at the places they are staying. Different hotels have different options available to guests at the hotel. Information such as restaurant and lounge hours to in-room features such as cable and internet access can be stored in our facilities tab. While some of this information has already been added to our database, we may not have all the facilities information available. Contact your travel agent or the hotels directly for more information, and you can place this into the Facilities tab for current and future use.

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  • Avatar
    Andrew Burns

    how do you leave the "check out" field blank? i want tio checkin afew days. but it seems to default to 12am

    anyway to leave it blank?

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hello Andrew,


    Unfortunately, you will need to enter a check out time as well. This is just the way the system was designed. I would suggest that you enter the same time for checkin/checkout.




  • Avatar
    Bill Girdwood

    Why am i not able to enter the check in and check out dates for hotels? the pop up box allows me to select the dates but they do not show on screen or on the printouts?

  • Avatar
    Matt Manix

    Is there a way to delete a hotel from an event? I can't seem to find it if there is. I need to delete it from a travel day (without deleting the date and starting from scratch.)

  • Avatar
    Ben Bernardy

    +1 to Matt. We had a change in hotels. How do I delete the old reservation and listing, or at least prevent it from showing up on my guys' apps? In my case, this is a show date, and I really don't want to re-enter all of this info.

    Otherwise, thanks for a great program and the continued development.

  • Avatar
    Lori Poremsky

    Why can my premium users not see hotel faxilitity information and venue facility information? When touring it is important for band and crew to know what options are available for doing laundry, if Internet is available, if room service or restauranrs are available,gyms, etc. Also, just as important, the venue facility info. After travelling long hours overnight, they should be able to see whether dressing rooms, showers, towels and Internet are available at the venue with the mobile app. This would certainly eliminate a lot of the questions that are always asked.

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Lori,

    Currently, the Hotel Facilities information is not visible on the mobile app, regardless of your subscription level.  However, if you have some vital information for a hotel that you want your band and crew to see, you can enter it into the Hotel Notes section.  This Hotel Notes section will appear in the mobile app.  If you want to create a Feature Request in our Feature Request forum, that's how our developers prioritize which user-requested features to put into Master Tour next.



  • Avatar
    Koba Entertainment

    we are staying in one hotel for a number of days.  How do I copy that across that entire span? I would have thought entering a check out date would have linked it to the days I was there.  


    also I can copy a rooming list data, how do I paste?

  • Avatar
    Eric Roa

    It would be awesome if when entering hotel check in and check out dates and times, it would auto populate for future days in the tour.  For Example:

    I am checking in to my hotel on 09/15/13.  I do not check out until 09/18/13.  Instead of entering the hotel info on EVERY day manually, the database should auto populate all of the info for all days until 09/18/13.  Thoughts...?

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    Hudson Smith

    Based on the content that it has I was so impress with it I really love it .It has a very valuable details and also very informative.

  • Avatar
    Susan Dose

    It used to be if you were an administrator you could see the hotel rate on your mobile if it had been entered. Why isn't that possible anymore?