Day View/List View


Different Views of the Same Schedule

Some people are very visual. They would prefer to see information in a graphical manner. There are others who would prefer to see their information laid out in an item by item manner in text form. Master Tour allows you to view your information either way just by clicking on your view type button at the bottom of the Schedule tab.


Day View

Day View is a graphical version of you schedule items displayed against a set of hours. You will be able to see your schedule in blocks (or bubbles) of information. This view type allows you to modify schedule items by dragging and dropping to different times and making the block larger or smaller by expanding/compressing the block. This way, you will be able to see if your schedule is conflicting with other schedule items, and either you can make your changes or notify party members of the overlap. In this view, if the schedule block is large enough, you will be able to see schedule details inside the block itself.


List View

The list view is made for our users who prefer their schedules in a nice, easy to read list of schedule items. This view will allow you to make changes directly to the schedule item without having to open the editing pop up window. This can be great for users who see changes that they would like to make and just be able to tab through all the fields quickly to make their changes.

The two views contain the same information, just presented in a different way. Be sure to find the view that is easier for you to use, and remember that this function is here to help you.

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