Key Concept: Calendar Types


The Calendar Types

When creating a new schedule item, you may have noticed a drop down for Calendar. This drop down allows you to choose the type of schedule item this is for: Day, Event, and Publicity. We will discuss each of these types, as well as the fourth type, travel, that has its own section.

Day Calendar

Day calendar items are used for general use. These items will appear as long as you have a day to associate the schedule item with.

Event Calendar

Event calendar items will only display when associated with a day and an event. If you have created a default schedule and made certain schedule items event types, be sure to add an event to the date. This will ensure that the schedule item will be properly displayed. When selecting an event item, you can choose to select either a general event type or one specifically set for artists. Finally, if you have multiple events associated to a particular date, you  have the option of choosing which specific event your event calendar item pertains to.

Publicity Calendar

Publicity calendar items are unique in that they can be entered in two sections - the Schedules tab and the Publicity tab. Publicity items also have different types of interviews, such as phone and appearance, with accordingly different fields for data entry.

Travel Calendar

Travel calendar items are similar to Publicity items, except that you can only add travel items in the Travel tab. Travel calendar items have three different types, land, sea, and air.  Note:  if you replace an existing schedule with a default schedule, your Travel items will be replaced in both the Schedule and the the Travel sections.  If you delete a Travel item in the Schedule tab, it will be deleted from the Travel tab as well.

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