Adding Schedule Items and Details


The Schedule Tab

The Schedule Tab is located in your Itinerary section. You can get there either by clicking "Itinerary" in the right hand pane, then selecting a tour date, then selecting the Schedule tab, or you can also get there by selecting Navigate>Itinerary Schedule in the top menu bar.

Adding a new schedule item

Adding a new schedule item is easy enough; just click on the Add a new Schedule Item button in the bottom left corner and enter your data. Let's hit a few things in detail: 

  • The Calendar type lets you associate a schedule item with a particular Event, set it as a Publicity item, or set it as a general Day item (general Day item is the default). With certain reports, this will allow you to filter schedule items by Event, or put together a listing of your Publicity activities.
  • The Display As section lets you select Exact Time, Approx Time, TBD, or Hide Time. These options all show how the time will be displayed on your mobile app and on printouts. Exact Time shows your exact time, Approx Time shows your times with a ~ symbol in front of them, TBD just shows TBD instead of a time, and Hide Time hides the time. Both TBD and Hide Time will still have a time that you can change in the desktop app to help arrange it in your schedule, but it will not appear in the mobile app or until you change the Display As to Exact or Approx.

  • You cannot set a Start Time after an End Time. If you do so, both times will revert to the same time.
  • If you need to add a schedule item that technically is on or extends to the next day, just check the +1 checkbox for a time that is technically on the next day. This checkbox adds 24 hours to whatever time you enter. For instance, a schedule item starting at 11pm and ending at 1am would not have the +1 box checked for the 11pm Start Time, but would have the +1 box checked for the 1am End Time. Check out this screenshot for an example of what a load out going from 11:30pm to 12:15am would look like:

Applying a schedule and confirming your schedule items 

At the bottom of the Main Content Pane, you will see three buttons - Add a new Schedule Item, Apply Schedule, and Confirm All. We have discussed the Add a new Schedule Item briefly, but now we turn our attention the the Apply Schedule button and the Confirm All buttons.

The Apply Schedule button will allow you to use the default schedules so you do not have to retype similar schedules. To apply a default schedule, just select the default schedule to apply and the event to associate the schedule with (you are not required to apply to an event, but you will not be able to view event items without an event). Did you notice the text at the bottom of the pop up that says Edit Default Schedule? Clicking on this link will send you to the default schedules. It is a nice way of jumping to the default schedules, especially if you can not remember how to get back to the default schedules screen.

You have finalized your schedule and you have made sure that all the items in your schedule have been confirmed. All your schedule items are still marked as unconfirmed. You could just go to each schedule item and mark each as confirmed, or you could use the Confirm All button. TIP: If you have confirmed all but a few schedule items, use the confirm all button.  It is much easier to take a handful of schedule items and mark them as unconfirmed than to go in and try to confirm all but a handful of schedule items. Take some time to get familiar with this section - this is where many people will be spending most of their time in Master Tour.

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