Adding Venue Information


Your Venue Information

Venue information is extremely important. The wrong information on the address may send you and your crew across town. Incorrect contact information can mean minutes of valuable time lost to you and your organization. Entering your information in Master Tour will help you keep your information in one location for your organization to access.

Adding Venue Information

Most of the time, you'll be adding Venues along with your Tour Dates, in the Creation Wizard. If you haven't set up your tour yet, check out this article on setting up your first tour. You can add an additional Tour or Tour Dates by going under File>New in the top menu bar. In the Creation Wizard, you'll click Select Venue, then search for your venue in our Stock Venue Database. If the venue you're looking for isn't currently in our database, Master Tour will search Google for the venue's address, main phone number, and URL. If the Google search still does not find your venue, you can manually add a new venue by clicking the Create New Record button.


If you already have a Tour Date that you want to add a Venue to, you can go to File>New>Event in the top menu bar, then click the Select Venue link to search for venues.

If you already have a Venue added to your Tour Date and want to switch which Venue you're using, you can go to the Event tab of your Tour Date, then click the 3 grey bars on the right side of your Venue record, then select Switch Venue:


As for the rest of your Venue info, you can edit that in the Event tab of a Tour Date, by clicking the Venue, Production, Facilities, Equipment, Logistics, Local Crew, and/or Labor Call sections to open and edit those sections.

Lat/Long Fields

The Lat/Long fields were added to allow you to enter geo-coordinates if necessary. This may be required if you enter the address information and the point does not show up properly on the map. Geo-coordinates may also come in useful when entering venue information at a large area, such as a college campus. While the address may be correct, knowing exactly where to go may help save you time from having to search around for the exact location to arrive at.

Venue Phone Numbers

The fields located next to the venue address are the venue phone numbers. Please understand that space is intended for venue phones numbers specifically. If you need to enter any additional information such as promoter contacts, production contacts, or other useful information, please do so in the proper places or you may not see the information displayed properly. This becomes extremely important when working with other organizations. Having this set as a standard will help both your organization and another stay on the same page.

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