Adding/Deleting/Moving Tour Dates and Events


Create Tour Dates

Once you have an Organization, Artist and Tour, you can start adding the real working data into Master Tour.  If you've closed the wizard or are adding dates later, you can always open the Wizard back to this screen by clicking the "Date" button in the bottom right corner of the Master Tour window, or by selecting File>New>Tour Date in the top menu bar.

Using the date picker, select the starting date of your tour.  You may specify a single date to only add one date at a time, or you can enter a date range to add records for a block of dates.

Once you have added your date(s), click the Continue button.


Venue and Schedule Rapid Entry Grid

Venue Rapid Entry

After setting your date range you will be presented with a data grid this has one row per date.  This  allows you to assign a Venue and Schedule to multiple dates all at the same time

Tip: You don't have to enter every venue and schedule at this time.  This step can be a lot of work and you don't need to do it all now.  This grid is simply here to allow rapid data entry during setup.  You can add venues, events and schedules on a day-by-day basis at any time later.


Assigning a Venue

Clicking on the Select Venue button in a grid row will bring up a pop up dialog window where you can search the database for a particular venue.  If you can not find the venue you want, you can add click the "Create New Record" button to enter information for the venue you're playing.  Once you've created a venue, this information will be stored on your local database so you can quickly and easily pull up the venue info for future tours. If you have multiple venues by the same name, you can click "Toggle Full View" to show more info on that venue.

Adding a Venue

Once you have either selected or created the desired Venue record, click the Select Highlighted Field button to assign it to that date.

Assigning a Default Schedule

A Default Schedule is a set of Schedule Items that, when assigned to a tour date, will be automatically added to your calendar for this day.  For example, a typical show day may consist of a bus call time, load-in, sound check, showtime, load-out, etc.  Since entering all these schedule items individually for every day of a tour can be mind-bogglingly tedious, you have the option to automatically insert them all at once.  This is called "Applying a Schedule" to the day.

All of the items that are inserted onto the calendar for this day will be marked as "Unconfirmed."  This means all of these Schedule Items will show up in red in the Schedule tab of your Master Tour desktop app, giving you a chance to recognize your default schedule items at a glance.  This allows you to easily verify and change them before they become published (there is a "Confirm All" button on your Schedule tab, if you know that all your Default Schedule Items are concrete for a particular day).

Schedule Rapid Entry

To get the greatest benefit from this feature, you can customize and design your own default schedules and they will be available for you to apply here.  If you wish, you can close the wizard at this point, design your default schedules and then return.

If you wish to apply a default schedule for a specific day, simply select it from the drop-down.

Finish and Start Working

Once you've entered in the Venues and Default Schedules for as many dates as you wish, hit the "Finish" button to create the date records and close the Wizard.

Congratulations!  You've just created a tour and populated it with dates.  You're now ready to start working on your itinerary.

Deleting Events and Dates

We have all had schedule changes or entered the wrong information at one point.  Deleting a date and event is easy as long as you know where to go.  Start by going to the Tour section, either by going to Navigate>Tour Overview in the top menu bar or by using the Module Navigator in the right panel of Master Tour.  

Deleting/Moving a Tour Date/Event

Once you have clicked on the tour, open the dates tab. Click on the date that needs changes to be made.  If you need to delete the date, just click the X to the right of the date.  If you need to delete the event, click on the date and look at the event section below the dates.  Click on the event to delete, and click the X to the right of the event name.  Confirm the delete, and you have now deleted the event for that date.

Moving Dates to a Different Tour

Did you add the wrong tour dates to a different tour?  Do you need to create a new tour using already created tour dates?  Start by going to the Tour Overview section (under Navigate>Tour Overview in the top menu bar), then select the Dates tab.  Click the checkboxes next to the dates you would like to move.  A new menu will appear with a drop down box containing your current Tours.  Select the tour you want to move the dates to, then click the Move Dates button. If you need to create a new tour, just select the date(s) to move, then enter the name of the new tour on the right hand side and click the Create Tour and Move Dates button. This will move the date(s) to the newly created tour.

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