Adding Logos and Banners to Reports


One of our new features in Master Tour 2.0 is the ability to add Logos and Banners to your Day Sheets! You can upload images for both the Artist and the Tour, and choose Logo or Banner formats.

So let's try and print out a Day Sheet with a Tour Logo. First, you'll need to navigate to the Tour Overview (Navigate>Tour Overview, or Cmd-L), then click on the Tour Logos tab.

Once there, you can click and drag your logo onto the Tour Logo section. Caution: the ideal size for a logo is 150x150px, 500x150px for a banner, and your image will be resized if it is larger than that

Once the logo imports, you can then print an HTML Day Sheet by going to File>Print>Dailies>[HTML Day Sheet A]. This will bring up a print menu, which has a "Which Logo would you like to use?" dropdown. Select Tour (since we uploaded a Tour Logo earlier), then click Generate.

This will open your HTML Day Sheet in your default web browser, complete with logo!


You can upload Artist Logos in the Artist Overview (Navigate>Artist Overview or Cmd-U), and can use Banners in Day Sheets by selecting HTML Day Sheet B or C. Logos can also be used in HTML Signs.


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