Tip of the Week - Submit Guest List Requests via Master Tour Mobile


Master Tour Mobile is set up to allow you artist to make Guest List requests directly from the app. These requests will by synced directly to the desktop application, where you or your tour admin can approve or deny the pending requests. As a Professional user Manager-level permissions you can also approve requests directly from the mobile app.



Your users can enter the name of their guests and the mobile app will automatically populate their name in the “Requestor” field so that you can keep track of and sort your final guest list by requestor if you choose to.


After you have approved their requests and have synced, your Mobile users will see their request marked as Approved with a green checkmark icon in MT Mobile and an approval email will automatically be sent to the contact email indicated in the initial Guest List request. 



The tour admin can also choose to enter any special instructions while approving, which will also be sent along with the approval email. Utilizing MT Mobile will save you a lot of time on the road, cutting out all of the communication of requesting and confirming approvals

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