Discover & Create Tags on Mobile


Master Tour Mobile now has a powerful new feature called Tagging that will allow you to search for MT user-submitted reviews of places, vendors, and mission-critical services along your routing, anywhere in the world that you may tour. Looking for the best rehearsal studio in NYC? Need tubes for a blown vintage amp? Desperate to find an all night laundromat in Dallas? MT Tagging could save your day! 


In addition to discovering MT user-verified recommendations, you can also use MT Tagging to Tag, Rate, and Review resources that you've discovered & utilized on tour. You can choose to share these with your friends in the touring world or create a private list of resources for only your own use. Whether it's the West Coast's best after-show food options or your own list of vintage pinball parlours, Master Tour's Tagging option can change the way you you explore any new city you arrive in. Master Tour's tags are only created by actual MT  users, giving you the touring professional's perspective rather than a un-substantiated Google or Yelp review search.




To start tagging, click on "Tags" in the bottom row of you Master Tour Mobile app. By default, MT Mobile will show you neaby tags, based on your current location. You can select one of the map's pins to see top-level detail of the selected Tag or you can swipe the Title Card at the bottom of the screen to select nearby pins. 




If you tap the Title Card at the bottom of the screen, you will see the detail of the Tag, its address, and any of the location's ratings and reviews by Master Tour users. From here, you can add your own review by clicking the "Submit Review" button and choose whether to make your rating & review Public or Private. Our integrated Uber & Lift services will also allow you to directly request a ride to this location from directly within Master Tour Mobile.




You can also do a text search by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner. You can search for resources and city, for example "Chicago Guitar" to find tagged resources that match your criteria for any area that your searching. Clicking the "On The Road" button at the top of the screen will allow you to quickly focus your on any city along your routing that you select.




You can also manually move the map to search tags that may be present in another region and after reviewing, you can refine your search by clicking the "Search Here" button.




Check out a video tour of Master Tour Tagging in action -




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