Managing Your Master Tour Users


If you are an administrator and want to manage the Organization permissions and billing information for other users, you can do this by logging into and going to the My Users section, or by clicking on the My Users button in the bottom of the Master Tour desktop app.


You can do the following:
- Add new Master Tour users

- Grant different permissions to organizations for which you are an Administrator

- Pay for others by associating users to your billing account

- Change the subscription type for users you pay for


Adding New Users

In the My Users section, you can add new users by clicking the Add New User button.  Enter the desired user's email address and click the Continue button to check if that email address is already in our system:


If the user is already in our system, you can click the Continue button and choose their access level. If the email address is not in our system, you can proceed to enter their information and create the user account.


The Different Levels of Users

You'll notice when you create a new account that you have two different choices for your subscription, Professional and Mobile.

Professional ($49.99/mo) accounts are typically for Tour Managers, Production Managers, Assistants, Management, basically anyone that needs to add/edit/manage event data.

Mobile (free) accounts are typically for Crew, Band Members, Support Staff, Record Label, Publicists, Travel Agents, basically anyone that just needs “read only” access.

Below is a feature comparison between the two account types:

Plans and Pricing Master Tour Professional Master Tour Mobile
Monthly Price Per User $49.99 Free!
Full Data Management via Desktop Application (Mac or PC)  
Manage Unlimited Artists & Tours  
Create & Edit Schedules and Notes on Mobile  
Create & Send Push Notification Alerts  
Full Guest List Management on Desktop and Mobile  
Generate Tour Books, Day Sheets, Accounting Reports  
Manage Master Tour Users and Permissions  
View Itineraries on Mobile and Browser
Send Guest List Requests
Receive Push Notifications
View Setlists
Offline Data Viewing on Mobile
View Itinerary on iCal, Outlook, Google Cal
 Requires Permission from Admin


Billing Users To Your Account  

When you have added a user, you can add them to your billing by filtering by Organization, then clicking their name in the My Users section.  Then, in the User Details section, select "Bill This Subscription To My Account" and select their subscription level. NOTE: The default is set to you paying for the user.  When creating a new user, you can select the type of subscription level they have, regardless of if you are paying for them or not. Once a user has been created, you can only change their subscription level if you are marked as paying for that user. 



Changing User Access Settings

Once a user is created, you can select their permissions level(s) - how much access you want them to have to each of your Organizations. There are currently six different types of access a user can have in Master Tour - Administrator, Accounting, Manager, Mobile Guest List, Mobile Set List, and Mobile Access. Be sure to check the correct user access:

  • Administrator:  checking this box gives full access to Master Tour - this includes adding new users and Accounting information.  (must have a Professional subscription for this access)
  • Accounting:  checking this box gives a user access to Accounting details.  (must have a Professional subscription for this access)
  • Manager:  checking this box allows a user to make changes to the itinerary, guest list, set list, publicity, and access the mobile calendar, but does not allow them to add or edit Users.  Enabling the "Accounting" permission in addition to the "Manager" permission gives Accounting permissions on top of Manager permissions (must have a Professional subscription for this access). Giving Manager permissions in addition to Mobile Guest List permissions allows a user to view and manage the entire Guest List for all your Organization's Events (available for Mobile or Professional accounts).
  • Mobile Access:  checking this box allows users to view information from or the mobile apps/iCal link.  (available at all subscription levels)
  • Mobile Set List:  checking this box allows users to view set list info on their Master Tour mobile apps or on  (available at all subscription levels)
  • Mobile Guest List: checking this box allows users to add guests from their mobile apps or  (available at all subscription levels)

Keep in mind that checking the checkbox at the top of a column will add give the user that permission to ALL of your Organizations, and unchecking checkboxes at the tops of columns will remove that permission from ALL of your Organizations. Be careful when assigning or unassigning permissions, and make sure to double check that you have the desired permissions checkboxes checked for the desired Organizations.

Once you have made your selections, click the Update User Permissions button, and that's it! You have now set up your user with billing and permissions details. Here's an example of what a user might look like if you gave them Mobile Access to two of your Organizations, then gave them Mobile Access plus Mobile Guest List and Mobile Set List permissions to another Organization:


Activating the Account

Now that the account has been created, the new user should receive an email from Eventric with their login and password details. The password is auto-generated by the system, but you can always reset your password at If a user cannot find their initial email with their randomized password, then it is recommended they go to and click Forgot Password to reset their password to whatever they like.

Be sure to take a minute to become familiar with the website - it allows you to see tour information from any computer or device with an internet connection and web browser.

Removing Users

To remove a user from your My Users list, just click on their name, click the Remove All button or uncheck their permissions boxes and make sure you have "User pays for their own subscription" checked, and they'll stop appearing in My Users.

My Users only displays users that you are either paying for, or are added to one of your Organizations.

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  • Avatar
    Ryan Westbrook

    how do you delete users you no longer want to have this info?

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hello Ryan,

    In the My Users section, uncheck all the boxes that give your user access, such as mobile, accounting, etc. Once there are no checkboxes checked, the user will have no access to your information.





  • Avatar
    Joshua Chapman

    I am with Ryan, how do you delete users ?

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hi Josh,


    You cannot delete users.  However, by removing all of a user's permissions, you make it so they can no longer see or edit any information that you enter in your Organization, or any of the Artists and Tours in that Organization.




  • Avatar
    Scott Haynes

    It does seem a bit silly that you cannot delete users. how difficult can it be to implement?

    I have, for instance, a manager of one of my bands and his assistants who are soon retiring from the the business. I will never need to use them again, yet their details will be clogging up my users page. This, when you have a lot of users can be rather annoying!

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Scott,

    Adding this feature is a little trickier than it seems, because of how many different connections a user can have within your database.  That said, it is in the queue of features for our developers to add, and should be coming to Master Tour in the future.



  • Avatar
    Robert Dugan

    I agree, we should be able to delete old crew from database. I don't see why this hasn't been implemented. Even an "X" to the left of the name would be ideal. 

    Please add =)  

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Robert,

    Again, this is a surprisingly complicated feature to code into Master Tour because of the syncing nature of the database.  However, it's moving up in our queue of features to add to Master Tour, I'll definitely let you know when we have added it to the program.



  • Avatar
    Anthony Stubelek

    Deleting would be great, however simply being able to change account types would help me out. I added some guys to the users list as premium plus, then they decided they wanted the free version instead. How can I change their subscription type?

  • Avatar
    Lori Martin

    one of my band members has lost his log-in information.  can yoiu help?

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Anthony - All you have to do is log into, click on the "My Users", and click the "edit" button next to the desired account.  Then change their account subscription to "Premium".

    Lori - Just tell them to go to and click the "reset password" link.  This will send them an email with a confirmation link to reset their password.



  • Avatar
    Mikey Trifillis

    How do I change my password, my TM set up my account, but the password is retarded, plz help. Email me at Also, having this feature on the website would be nice, or at least in my personal info section.

  • Avatar
    Ben Gram

    So I've upgraded my users to Premium Plus billed to my account so I can send them push notifications- is there a way to speed up their access so I can send these out asap? I was hoping when I changed their subscription type it would automatically bill me but it seems like that might not go through until the next time I am billed monthly for my account? Help?

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Ben,

    If you've upgraded them to Premium Plus and are paying for them, then you will be automatically billed immediately for that, and can start sending them Push Notifications. You can double check your user's account level in My Users by clicking on their name, message me at if you're still having any issues.


  • Avatar
    Trent Thomas

    I tried to add a band member to my account but they never got the verification email with their password. How do I resend that email so he can get access??

  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Trent,

    You can do one of two things:
    1. Send us an email at with the user's email address, and we'll resend it.
    2. Have the user reset their password at They'll probably want to do this anyway at some point since our default passwords are randomly-generated for users added by other users:


  • Avatar
    Brian Brown

    Hi Patrick,
    I see that people were asking how to delete old crew off of the users list. That was 2 years ago.....!
    Problem is still the same. How can I delete old crew off my list?


  • Avatar
    Eventric Support

    Hey Brian,

    Just uncheck their permissions boxes and make sure you have "this user pays for their own subscription" checked, and they'll stop appearing in My Users.

    My Users only displays users that you are either paying for, or are added to one of your Organizations.


  • Avatar
    Lily Knox

    How do I sign out on the desktop application and enter in a new user?

  • Avatar
    Oscar Krook

    How can I control which user can access which Artist?

  • Avatar
    Kevin Turnbo

    Hi, I've started my 30 day trial(professional) however I am trying to establish an organization. Is that not allowed in the trial period?

  • Avatar
    Christopher Deaton

    Just for my own clarification: if I want to have multiple admin/managers who can add/edit/delete information for the tour from their own computers, they have to pay $49.99/month or I have to add them to my billing, meaning I'll be paying $50/month PER administrator, correct? $150/month for three admins? Trying to clarify for budgeting purposes, thank you.

  • Avatar
    Stonewolf Studios

    Is there a way to quickly add you users to your crew for a tour?