Where the Data on Your Printouts Come From


All printouts are generated using basic building blocks called "components."  Components display tour information such as the Venue, Hotel, Schedule, etc.  Each of the various daily reports and tour books are simply different combinations and layouts of the same components.  Here are some of the main components and and information about where they get their data:


Venue/Hotel/Company Components

The venue, hotel and company components display basic contact information. 


Hotel information is being pulled from the Hotels tab in the itinerary section. Both the tourbook reports as well as the dailies use hotel components.  The tourbooks show general hotel information (address and phone numbers) plus additional specifics such as parking and facilities information, while the dailies generally show only the address information.

When you have multiple hotels, Tour Books have space for up to two hotels. Dailies vary from report to report and may display one or more hotels depending on the space available on the page.  The Print Preview Window includes a drop-down that will allow you to select a specific hotel to display.



Schedule Component 

The schedule information is accessed from the Schedules tab of the Itinerary. Day Sheets and Tour Books pull their information from this section. Dailies will contain the schedule item name, start and end times, and schedule details (if you check the Show Schedule Details option in the Print Preview Window). Tour Books will display only the schedule item name and start/end times. Tip:  if you remove the venue type/capacity in the Print Preview Window, you will be able to add a few more schedule items to your tourbook.


Travel Component

Travel information gets populated from the Travel tab in the Itinerary. Travel items are displayed similarly to schedule items.  In Dailies, choosing to view travel details in the Print Preview Window will display your basic travel details, even including basic connecting flight information.  If you wish to have more detailed Travel information displayed in your printouts, enter information into the "Detail" field on your Travel record, enable the "Show Schedule Detail" option in the Print Preview window, and this will appear on your printout.  Tour Books will show portions of your day travel at the top of the screen and after show travel info at the bottom of the screen. The information in these sections will be general, so if you are looking to print out details for your travel, please use our Travel reports (File>Print>Travel); that's why we have them!



Also, you'll notice that Travel Days and Days Off will display slightly differently in your printouts, having special icons and appearances that differ from normal tour dates.  This difference is triggered by two fields in your Master Tour Itinerary for a particular day:  day title and day type, which are shown in this picture:

With both of these fields showing Day Off, your printouts will then show the specialized format for a Day Off, shown here:


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