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Getting from one venue to another can be quite a feat. Keeping track of you and your organization's travel plans in Master Tour is a great way to not only store your information but output it in different ways. We will be looking into the Travel tab in the Itinerary section. Will you be flying? Driving? Taking a boat? Will you or your crew be traveling before or after the show? Who is going where? The Travel tab will allow you to enter all this information as well as key travel details.

Adding travel information 

To get to the travel tab, click on the Itinerary section on the Module Navigator. You will now see the travel tab in the Main Content Pane. There are two buttons that allow you to add travel items - the Add Day Travel button and the Add After Show Travel button. Day and After Show travel possess the same fields, but the difference is where the information is placed on the tour reports. Day travel will appear at the top of the tour book day itinerary pages, while After Show travel will be displayed at the bottom of these sheets.

While the interface is fairly straightforward, two things to point out are the Travel Party field and the Travel Mode drop down menus. Let us take a look at the Travel Party drop down menu first.

The Travel Party drop down menu TravelPartyDD.png

  The Travel Party drop down menu can come in very handy for you if people in your organization travel in separate parties. You can choose the built in travel parties we have, or you can edit the field and write your own. Please keep in mind, however, that the tour book reports will hold two parties per day travel/after show travel bars, but the information will display in the schedule information. Just make sure to allow for Travel information to display on the tour book report.

The Travel Mode drop down menu


Travel can take place over land, sea, and air. Travel modes in Master Tour are divided into these three means of travel. Sea travel contains the least amount of information compared to land and

air. Ground travel contains the same fields as sea travel with the addition of two travel time fields. In addition to the sea

travel fields, air travel also contains fields for flight information as well as room for additional connecting flights.

TIP: If you do not want to see the travel information on your tour book, you can filter the information out. General filtering is available for standard tour book printing when printing multiple dates, so please keep this in mind when printing.

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