Adding a Promoter and Promoter Contacts


Your Promoters


Your promoters play an important role in your organization. Having their information in an easily accessible section will help you keep in touch with them, as well as allow your organization to contact them. Add them to your Master Tour directory, and attach them to your events when you need.


Adding a Promoter to an Event

Navigate to the Itinerary section, and then open the event tab. Clicking the Select Promoter button will begin a search for the promoter information. If you have not added this promoter to your directory, then add their information by clicking the Create New Record button. Your information will now be displayed in the Dashboard and reports that display promoter information.


Adding Promoter Reps to a Promoter

Attaching Promoter Rep contact info to a Promoter is just as easy. Click on the Promoter Reps tab of your Promoter record, click the Attach Rep button and find the name of the contact.  If you cannot find your contact, just create a new one by clicking Create New Record.  Your printouts and other reports will display only the first two Promoter Reps that you attach, so if you need to reorder your Promoter Reps, you can drag and drop them in the desired order.

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